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Every women has a desire to look beautiful, bold and stylish. Glameve Fashion brings the unique concept of an ONLINE BOUTIQUE at your fingertips. We let you be the designer here and steer the process to make your dream ensemble. Design now to have one for yourself. We provide designer consulting services so we can help you bring your dream couture to life. You have a design of your own and want it get tailored? We take care of all your high demand and special needs when it comes to couture. We can literally make anything in any colors, styles, sizes and patterns. Try our exclusive offering!

How does it work?

  • Once you decide to place a DIY order with us, we will book an appointment with you to discuss your choice of color, fabric, embroidery, style and pattern.
  • You can either share a picture of your own inspiration by emailing it to: [email protected] or tell us what you want and we will guide it to make your own exclusive creation.
  • Once we have the clear idea of what you want, we will begin manufacturing it.
  • We will also provide in person designer consultation to Seattle residents only.

Once your order is ready, we will ship to you at the earliest. We are shipping in USA, Canada and India.For any queries message us on FB or email at: [email protected]

P.S: The prices discussed will be tentative, it can go down or up based on the choice of fabric, embroidery and pattern. We would charge or refund you once you place your order.


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