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  • Pre Stitched Saree Gown : Fun Fashion Ideas

    Saree gown is a pre-stitched saree which looks like a gown. Going Indo-western, you just slip into a gown with ease and flaunt this chic look. It is an easy and effortless way to wear sarees without putting in time and efforts to drape those nine yards.

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  • Gowns: The Indo-Western Way!

    One of the most graceful attires of all times, a gown looks stunning on vibrant young women. It gives a woman an attractive look. This makes Indowestern gowns one of the most favored outfits of women. These glorious gowns are the perfect blend of the Indian and Western styles of clothing. Planning for a red carpet event, or a date? Impress one and all with Indowestern gowns. You can choose from many fabrics such as georgette, silk, chiffon or even velvet, if you wish to make a retro look. There are many other fabrics that render a luxurious look to this outfit, for instance net fabric Indowestern gowns have been adorned by many famous Bollywood divas. They can also be worn as Indowestern satin dresses and Indowestern silk dresses

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  • Glameve Behind the scenes

    As you can very well guess from the title of this post, we will be taking you for a ride at “behind the scenes” at Glameve.

    Recently, we did a photoshoot at our Glameve studios to update the look of our online presence. It’s always a work in progress as we want to challenge ourselves at Glameve and surprise us by bringing the best for you. We want to bring you the best online buying experience ever you have come across. Did you check out the new look of our website? Doesn’t it look crisp and neater than before?

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  • Bandhani for the New Bride

    Bandhani is a popular tie-dye fabric and the one of those fabrics that never go off the trend. Last week I was approached by a new client who wanted a custom made outfit for her new-bride look. She wanted an salwar which was modern, trendy but was still able to bind the traditional elements of a newly wed indian bride. As soon as I ended my conversation with her I knew I had to use Red Bandhani as it is festively traditional, all I had to do was create a modern design. Since the client wanted it for a special occasion I knew I had to add some elegant embroidery along with right amount of bling.

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  • Purple Power : Design & Style Tips

    Purple Designer Dresses

    “Purple” or “Wine” color is one of the latest color in trend. If you have not tried the wine color in your clothing yet, I would highly recommend you to wear this color in some form. This color is a rare color that looks good on every skin tone. Yes, it’s true. Don’t believe me, try with adding little wine (I am talking about the color here ;) ) to your look. You can try with adding a scarf, lipstick, top, bottom, blouse, in a saree, or dupatta. It's much easier to incorporate colors in Indian clothing or couture. Since we are so used to of wearing and experimenting with many colors and combinations, it just makes it easy for us to be adventurous and even go wild. I love all the colors in the world. Adding colors to my couture line gives me happiness, joy, contentment and sense of achievement.

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  • Floral Fun - Design Ideas from our Fashion Experts

    This week I would like to talk about the power of “Floral” in couture and clothing. Beautiful patterns and prints of colorful and pretty flowers are always “IN”. The floral trend never goes out of style. And there is so much to explore and play with floral colors, patterns and designs. I have designed and customized so many extremely beautiful and pretty Lehengas, Suits , Anarkalis and Gowns in floral prints. And have always been successful in bringing the smile on my client’s face. If you are in doubt, browse through some of our floral offerings at Glameve and try it out. Here’s one designer tip for you all: don’t try to load all floral from top to bottom. Break the flow with some solid pattern. For example, if you are wearing floral top, make sure your bottom is solid, or vice versa. Too much floral might be overwhelming and it can be difficult to style. Not everyone can carry complete floral look. An exception to this rule can definitely be Gowns. Since gown is a one piece dress, choosing right floral print can work wonders. The latest and ever pretty colors of floral are pink, green, peach, red, blue, orange, violet, purple. I am sure there are lot more but these colors are some of my personal favorites.

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  • Sequins Dress Styles

    Shimmer, Sequins, Glitter, Glitz, Blitz, Shiny…whatever you may want to call but who doesn’t like some sequins. I think sequins or shimmer is something that never goes out of style. Add just a right amount of it and you will surely look amazing. Recently, I designed some Indian couture for my clients including few lehengas and suits. And I encouraged them to give sequins a try. Well, being a designer and having an eye for that “killer look” definitely gives me an edge to foresee the happy client in future! I loved it when they trusted me and like I knew they were amazed with the result. Every single person who saw the finished ensemble just loved it. Continue reading

  • Glameve: The Haute Couture Shop

    Prêt-à-porter| Couture| Ensemble|

    Glameve originated from the thought of “Be the glamorous eve”. Every women and every eve has the right and desire to look pretty, bold and stylish. The Glameve is designed to enhance the beauty, grace, sensuality and confidence of women. Being the one stop shop for all your Indian ensemble needs, Glameve promises to deliver what you see and make you look stunning. Be the fabulous you in our wide and affordable range of Indian clothing. Choose your dream attire from our designer line of Anarkalis, lehngas, sarees and kurtis. We promise to make your special occasion memorable and beautiful. We have styled our line with poise, panache and utmost style. Continue reading

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